Going down the rivers of Epirus with an inflatable boat, offered an alternative way for contact with nature that combines adventure with physical activity. In every continent of the river landscape will enchant you. Your eyes will not be able to leave the view. Fairy landscapes characterize the forested hills stretching to the horizon. Combining the pebbles with green forests and blue waters calm, soothing to the eye as well as rowing, they make you feel part of the creation around you.


The rivers of the continent are among most beautiful in Europe. It is also cleaner as there is no factory along the riverbed. Apart from its beauty and provide passage for all levels of difficulty. There are rivers are narrow, wide and steep, with some scattered rocks and some without.


Along selected routes on quiet roads and green paths in the woods or along the river. An activity offered by various companies in the region and requires no previous experience. Once you decide the rest is an experienced trainer.


Discover the wonderful recipes from Epirus or in our hotel or in local restaurants. Epirus is fairly rich in culinary delights, although characterized by a very rocky environment. The pies are a feature of the continent, with a wide variety of pies mainly made of dough very thin sheet. You can enjoy the pies with wild greens gathered among the rocks, the pies with cheese and many other varieties. We also try and enjoy the sweet pies, the galaktoboureko, baklava and pie (a pie cream cheese). Another delicacy is a meat dish cooked in a clay pot called "gastra".


The mountains are ideal for hiking, combining the easy walk to the possibility of access to places of rare beauty. The tracks are very beautiful and is of great historical and folkloric interest. There are many hiking trails to choose from, according to the capabilities and preferences. There are itineraries that include short walks and do not require special skills and ascents (eg site Gamila) suitable for people who have previous experience.

Mountain Bike

Try tours with mountain bikes through the forests, muddy paths and villages. Routes can vary not only in difficulty and in length as well. Anyone can ride a bike in the mountains if you can lead. It requires no special skills or experience. You can mountain bike all year long as the weather is good.


Is there a particular musical idiom that expresses the entire region and changes from one location to another or even from one village to another. These songs and dances are alive during the celebrations organized in every village. Mainly during the summer months, festivals are organized and dedicated to the Saints who protect each village.


During your stay, see the architecture. Zagorochoria is known for its traditional villages with stone buildings, with roofs and paths plate, all made of stone. At first glance, simple, tight structures look identical apart from differences in size. The similarity lapses inside a house. It is often decorated with exquisite frescoes, painted wooden ceilings and cabinets.

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